Put the Fog Lights On!

Put the Fog Lights On!
Here are the suggestions that we think the brands should do at this special period, which we all behave normal in an abnormal way:
· Put the fog lights on. Keep all channels open and maximize the interdepartmental information flow to clarify the blurry environment.
· Be friendly and transparent to both your employees, suppliers and consumers. The brand can not make an independent impact apart from its employees and suppliers. First, your should control internal dynamics and move towards the outer ring.
· Be stable. Do not abandon your long term plans. Nevertheless, postpone the launching of new products or new brands for a while since customers’ minds are pretty busy. 
· Do not keep away from consumers. You should understand the impact degree of unusual experiences on their lives not only in terms of financial, but also in terms of social.
· Do your part. Ease the pressure on customers by using a promising tone in your communication.