Brands need unexplored findings to inspire the strong ideas of tomorrow. Today, "how” and "why” questions have become more important than "what” to discover coming great ideas. The strategic research approach that creates value is at the forefront. MindStation works to increase commercial success of the brands by strengthening the right decision-making process in marketing. MindStation provides professional support to the brands as being pioneering and respectable mental business partner. 
Our Customers

What did they say about MindStation?

You Are At the Right Place
"If you are a customer of a company that attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and you are interested in evaluating the customer expectation and impartiality of your company's performance, then you will be able to find out and explore the main points of growth with a bird's eye report, experience, knowledge, approach and expertise in data analysis with MindStation. It is the correct address.”
Berk Mumcu, ALD Automotive
Global Project Management Skills
"It was very valuable at every moment for us to work with MindStation at such a broad and long-lasting project. We felt both their professional support and sincere approach. We were able to work much more effectively with their great skills in managing global projects. They offered the optimal solutions in research design and operation for all Turkish and Italian parties. The extensive project that we have done will clearly illuminate all our future work, and for coming projects MindStation is the business partner we want to work with. Thank you!"
Emel Kar Kutan, Chicco
Offering Strategic Approach
"In every project that we made for our brands under Otokoç Automotive roof, we felt how we made the right decision by working with an energetic and well-experienced team like MindStation. MindStation has a dynamic, innovative and trusting team. It is a company that look out our brands as much as we do and manages to create an emotional bond. MindStation demonstrates its ability not only through detailed and rigorous research projects, but also with strategic directions."
Esra Şakı, Otokoç
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