Our service roof
consists of
3 main units.
It is the pre-process of revealing
brand’s marketing problem
by using market research
tools. Depending on the
content, a new market
research project can be
designed and / or secondary
data sources (desk research,
current market research
reports in hands, in-depth
interviews with managers etc.)
can be used.
It is the phase in which
the findings are translated
into a strategic solution
to solve marketing problem.
The brand's industry experience,
competitive knowledge and
research findings are blended
with the workshop.
MindAudit methodology is used
to manage the workshop.
Tailored made solutions are
developed to solve the specific
marketing problems.
It is a methodology that
enables creation / verification
of a marketing plan.
Draws a road map for the brand
by analyzing whole marketing
process starting from business
objective to execution areas.

Brands are trying to maintain and / or increase market share with applying different marketing tools such as launching new products or new brands, entering new sales channels, targeting new customer segments, generating new touch points in a highly competitive environment.Brand managers use market research as a compass to get the best decision. Nevertheless, market research alone is not enough to draw a road map.Findings must be absorbed and blended with the marketing language.Although marketing is defined as a social science, it has a tremendous mathematics in itself.In order to work with the right formula, it is necessary to inject the strategy into it.

Branded Products

It is a qualitative approach.
It releases
unconscious thoughts,
fear and other hidden
feelings in consumers'minds
for a specific category or brand.
It is a model developed for
operational researches.
It provides active use of findings
easily and quickly
by monitoring the results through
the MindTracker dashboard from
the first day of the fieldwork.
It is a research model that
enables brand managers
to access consumers'
pure thoughts regarding
a product / communication ideas
or visuals seamlessly.
It is a model that measures
the performance of a brand in
a holistic way covering marketing,
communication and product
performance areas.

MindCheck Research Topics

  • Facial Coding
  • Neuro Marketing
  • Eye Tracking
  • Digital Qualitative
  • Trade Off
  • Conjoint - CONsidered JOINTly
  • Forecasting
  • Maximum Difference
  • Jaccard Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Shapley Regression Analysis
  • TURF Analysis
  • Price Sensitivity Meter Analysis
  • Gabor Granger
  • Consumer Profile
  • Motivation and Barrier Analysis
  • Shopping Journey
  • Usage and Attitude
  • Segmentation
  • Satisfaction (Consumer / Dealer / Supplier)
  • Loyalty / Net Promoter Skor (NPS)
  • Price Sensitivity Meter Analysis
  • Gabor Granger
  • Conjoint - CONsidered JOINTly
  • Pre Test
  • Post Test
  • Ad Tracking
  • Celebrity Test
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Product Test (CLT, HUT)
  • Name Test
  • Logo Test
  • Concept Test
  • Package Test
  • Taste Study
  • Smell Test
  • Brand Image and Positioning
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Digital Qualitative
  • Etnography
  • Focus Grup Discussion
  • In Depth
  • Home Visit
  • Shop Along
  • Exit Survey
  • Mystery Shopper

Technology Integration

Research should add value to the brand not only in terms of operational, but also managerial competencies. Research projects are produced as a result of the combination of many technical stages linked to human beings. Value comes into stage when "time" and "human power" are used in a balanced way. MindStation is a company that constantly renews its innovative vision and integrating technology into research processes actively.

All research studies are done through interfaces that are compatible with the mobile user experience in MindStation. For all projects, the fieldwork team carry out the interviews through Internet-based MindTracker. The collected data is stored at MindStation Data Center. The operation team members can not interfere with the information in the system, copy it, and / or cannot change the answers after the survey has been approved.