4 Great Ways to Present Market Research Results

4 Great Ways to Present Market Research Results
You have designed a great research structure and your field process has been completed smoothly. After all the checks, you received the tabulations in excel format from the production department. Now, it is time to visualize your findings. You have opened up the most commonly used * MS Powerpoint® program to prepare your presentation. Have you ever ask yourself how you can present it differently? If your answer is "yes", I tried to summarize alternative ways and tools in this article. Hope it inspires you and changes your point of view.

* According to FV 2015 MR Technology Report, MS Powerpoint® is the most commonly used method to share research results with 55%. 

#1 Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards visually share the most important information for one or more projects with users. It is used in order to follow results on a single page quickly and easily. By changing the parameters like period, province, person, region, dealer etc., you can instantly update all the information and investigate the results. Dashboards are a great tool for managers, who are willing to use time effectively, to control data for a project at any time. Dashboards, which are mostly preferred for long-running projects, can be created more and more easily with various tools. I would like you to introduce a few of them that I have experienced before.

E-tabs, one of the most established players in the industry, develops software to automate research data and present it visually to users. With "Market Research Dashboards" you can create dashboards for your project using HTML5 and Silverlight technologies. e-tabs.com

Dapresy offers a structure that enables online reporting of research data and fully customizable visuals for the needs of your customers. Dapresy, using HTML5 and .NET technologies, is the most powerful player among similar software. It customizes the design based on your needs. You can upload your SPSS® data file directly to the system and create your own visual template and reports. It is especially useful for tracking projects. You can transfer your reports directly to Powerpoint®. Obviously, Dapresy is my favorite practice among the others. Here you can watch the video about how to create the indicator panels. dapresy.com

#2 Online Presentation Technologies

We all want to make our presentation clearer and more memorable. You can present your research results more impressively with online / offline tools which are alternative to MS Powerpoint®.

Established in 2009, Prezi has enjoyed a great deal of interest in the following years. Prezi's online vector-based online editor is an exciting tool for those looking for alternatives to Powerpoint®. Prezi, used by Chris Anderson for his presentation at TED Global 2010, has been very popular over the years. Prezi allows users to navigate as they would like in their presentations, zoom in to dive in desired details and zoom out to minimize details to see the big picture. You can add videos, pictures and music to enrich the presentations that you create. With Prezi Pro, you can download your presentations to your computers as offline. prezi.com

#3 Infographic - Information graphics

Information graphics are graphical visual representations of information or data intended to present information quickly and clearly. [1] The sharing of market research data visually on a single page ensures that the results are perceived as much more comfortable. Even though, it required a graphic designer in the beginning, it makes our life easier thanks to rapid development of info graphical creation tools in recent years. 

With over 300 ready-made templates, you can easily create your infographics using the drag-and-drop method. With the paid version you can share the infographics you prepared with the logos of your company. I especially recommend you to check the ready-made templates at https://venngage.com/templates/#surveys where you can share research results. I also would like to mention that they have a very fast support line.

The most popular infographic application Piktochart offers you over 600 templates. Up to now, more than 18 million infographics have been created on the platform, indicating that it deserves this title. Pricing is more reasonable compare to its competitors. You can also design wonderful infographics to share your research results with Piktochart.

Infogr.am is not only a creation tool, but also an interactive report preparation tool. The infographics you have prepared actually have an interactive dashboard feature. In this way, you can present your data in more detailed and different ways. You can also translate it into PNG and PDF formats. Obviously, using this tool alone, you can present your research results  fast, visual and in a single page. I would recommend you to review this sample report of Infogr.am, my favorite application. As a developer I can say the REST API is also an admiration. 

#4 Motiongraphic - Animated chart

Briefly, Motiongraphic is presenting the animated graphics in a stream of designs. This approach, which means "hareketli grafik" in Turkish, is a video art that allows the promotion of products or services to be perceived more easily and quickly. You will need a professional designer and an advertiser to present your research results with MotionGraph. But if you insist on to create MotionGraphics, then it would be useful to talk about PowToon.

PowToon provides you to create MotionGraphics easily, quickly and effectively by its templates. PowToon also provides you templates for your research results. Click here to customize the template you need and share your results in an impressive way. You can save motion graphics you have created in PDF or PPT format. To start creating your own animated graphic file with platform guidance without any design or video preparation knowledge, visit PowToon.com

What is your idea for the 5th way?

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